Automatic Doors and Fire Rated Doors in Miami, FL

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Automatic Door Services

When considering entryway and interior doorways it is important to recognize the strengths and benefits that each option offers.

Automatic sliding doors cover a wide range of applications, with security and design options for many industries and needs. Impact-resistant hurricane doors are built to meet or exceed the building codes of Florida and Miami-Dade County. Bi-fold and telescoping models are available for hospital entry points or as clean room-rated devices. Delayed egress systems sound an alarm and deny access for a preset time, typically from fifteen to thirty seconds. Many systems can be set up with an uninterrupted power supply to provide emergency exits in case of power failure.

Automatic swing doors operate using a variety of activating systems, making them incredibly adaptable and able to be compatible with ADA door operator systems. From push plates and card readers to motion sensors and pressure mats, these doors open and close to allow adaptive entry to any public space with enough space to move wheelchairs and other devices through effortlessly.

Revolving doors come in a variety of materials and styles with all-glass options, lighting fixtures, and custom-designed handles to truly create a unique and distinctive entrance to a building. These energy-efficient doors help to reduce the loss of processed air from heating or air conditioning systems without restricting pedestrian foot traffic.

Automatic folding doors come in either two or four-panel models for openings up to one-hundred and twenty inches. This allows for a flush facing with the most efficient use of the available area for the doorway. With reinforced pivot points and finger guards for safety and durability, these door packages are custom fit and can be combined with many automatic door operator systems.

Many other options are available for service and installation. Fire-rated doors and impact windows come in a variety of sizes and designs. ADA compliant handicap doors make entrances and exits accessible to everyone and allow security features that fit in with each company’s needs. Finding the appropriate automatic door for each building design is




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